Volunteers 2022

Closing of volunteers July 31 at 8:00pm

Welcome volunteer!

The GUADALAJARA OPEN AKRON WTA 1000 is getting ready to welcome the best tennis players in the world. And to hold an event of this magnitude, we need a great team.

We are pleased to inform that we are looking for volunteers who are interested in participating in the Guadalajara Open Akron tournament that will take place from October 15th to 23rd.

The support and dedication of our volunteers is crucial to make this event possible.

Volunteers will have to commit to a minimum number of hours of service during the tournament.

As a volunteer you will receive the following benefits:

  • Tournament credential
  • Food allocation
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Uniform

volunteer areas


Volunteers do the first and last printing of the attendees at the tournament. They scan tickets and/or credentials. This committee controls the access in different areas of the stadium. Inside the stadium, they check and support the seating and orientation.

Ball picker

If you are enthusiastic, physically fit, love the game of tennis and want to be where the action is... sign up to be part of our ball boys. The ball crew on the court is an essential part of the game.

The media

Volunteers assist the media manager in gathering information, sending mails to international media, technological and digital skills are required.


Volunteers help coordinate transportation and parking for special guests.


Volunteers in this area will help us to assist all our players with any requirements they may have during the matches, such as hydration, towels, etc. This way you can be closer to your favourite players.


Volunteers help to coordinate events that take place during the week, help with decorations, player gifts, giveaways and more!


They supervise and maintain the area with all the services and needs of the area. They must be multi-task and support the Volunteer Supervisor in the various needs that arise during the event.

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